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  Just imagine a world full of alphabets, without any Images. Even for imagination, it’s so boring, right? On the other hand, imagine only pictures without any words. That will be very interesting and interactive. The same applies to marketing as well. To pull more customers or clients, the first thing a marketing agency should do is to create visibility for their website. So let’s see about the ways Image sharing helps in creating that visibility and some of the top Image sharing websites as well.

Where to start?

           According to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are some important factors to be considered for beginning with Image sharing,

  • The right/opt image must be selected
  • The required file format must be used
  • Alt text should be used on image
  • Image Description should be given

The right/opt image represents the Industry related images. When it’s a Badminton racket company, there is no use in putting a Chemistry book in the background. Only the related images must be used to convey a clear message to the audience. Also, there should not be any copyright issues, which will backfire and create issues for the brand.

How to select the websites?

           Once the image is ready, the next step to be done is to share the image on different Image sharing websites. There are n numbers of such websites, which will consume more time and work to share in all those. So the smart way is to identify the top websites and sharing in those alone to reach more audiences. Some of the ways to check those are,

  • Domain Authority (Should be high)
  • Alexa Rank of Website (Should be high)
  • Website Spamming rate (Should be low)

Top 5 high Domain Authority Image sharing websites of 2021:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • Behance

How does it work?

           Once the top websites are chosen, the images must be posted with a description, title, tags, and a link to the company website. 

Humans have a psychological nature to capture the sight of images before textual content. Therefore, your image gets noticed first and therefore has a greater potential to generate more traffic than regular text links. Images go viral very quickly. Social media provides a great platform for linking images to thousands of people, while also getting likes and shares at the same time, paving the way for acquiring many valuable inbound links. The benefits of this Image sharing are,

  • An attractive Image will earn more audience
  • The audience will get to click on the link to see more such images
  • They will be directed to the website
  • It could likely become a new customer, a new subscriber, or just a new link

Thus, Image sharing plays a major role in Digital Marketing, to help various Marketing agencies reaching maximum customers/clients.

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