SlideShare could also be a content-sharing platform that allows you to transfer media shows and share them on your computer or social media profile. Content compatible with the platform includes shows, infographics, videos, and documents. Whereas SlideShare isn’t a tool for building content, it’ll work with existing content formats equivalent to Google Slides, Adobe PDF, OpenDocument, and Microsoft PowerPoint. SlideShare is best noted for being a comprehensive tutorial resource that makes it straightforward to indicate presentations and webinars online.

Different ways to use Slide Share:

• To share on-line webinars or work materials

• As a internal representation tool for shows

• To push product or services

• To indicate newsletters and attract new signups to showcase visual materials appreciate guides or brochures

Why does one need to Use Slide Share for Digital Marketing?

For marketers, by adding a presentation to your journal posts, net pages, and social media feeds, you turn out a awfully new content kind to interact your users. Slide Share put together permits you to show longer, extra advanced content throughout an easy way. Webinars or shows is just uploaded associate degreed displayed for users to click through on their own time. You’ll take into account these shows as an infographic with a lot of interactivity. It’s put together important to note Slide Share boasts a user base of eighty million. Most of its user base are business professionals, and its most searched tags are: #market #business #statistics #socialmedia SlideShare receives 5 hundred additional traffic from business householders than Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. This offers an oversized profit to B2B marketers making an attempt to connect with relevant audiences.

Five methods for using SlideShare in Marketing:

1. Use Visual Content

2. Add a Call-to-Action (CTA)

3. Keep Your Presentation Short and pleasant

4. Use the Pain client points for creating content-related selections

5.Use keywords in descriptions and tags

Top 5 High Domain Authorities of PPT Sharing Websites of 2021:

  • Issuu
  • Zoho
  • Media Fire
  • Box
  • Speaker Deck

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